ELD Device

Why ELD Devices Are Important For Any Fleet

Electronic logging devices (ELD) are mandatory for any fleet. However, they offer numerous benefits besides simple compliance. Here are some of those benefits.

Minimizing The Administrative Burden

ELDs track and record any movement of a vehicle in your fleet. If they weren’t present, you would do this manually, so there is a lot of paperwork involved. Thanks to ELDs, you don’t need to record the hours of services for your vehicles manually, save the records or store them. You can use these devices to save a lot of time, effort and cost that would have been spend in administrative work.

Reducing Fuel Wastage

With ELDs as well as a good fleet management dashboard, you can track when vehicles are idle. With this information, it’s easy to identify the idle drivers, especially those who take long breaks frequently. By tracking and managing excessive idling, you can reduce a lot of fuel wastage.

Handling Vehicle Diagnostics

The electronic diagnostic device is usually connected to the diagnostic port in the vehicle. As such, the device can monitor the fault codes actively. Thanks to this device, you will always be ahead of the vehicle maintenance issues because the ELD provides real-time alerts and extremely detailed reports.

Also, using the ELD, you can identify any recurring issues by checking the previous fault reports. If you take precautionary measures at the right time, you can count on higher efficiency and productivity.

Tracking Location And Finding The Best Routes

As a fleet manager, you can use ELDs to monitor your fleet actively through GPS tracking. Besides real-time visibility, you can also improve productivity and reduce distractions. Since you always know where your drivers are, there is no need to call each driver when you need an update.

Thanks to GPS tracking, you can use the location history to plan the shortest and perfect routes. It’s the best way to streamline operations and make everyone more productive. You can also save a lot of fuel and improve your bottom-line in the long run.

Identifying Bad Driving Behaviors

Using electronic logging devices, you can find out the bad drivers in your fleet. For instance, you can use these devices to find out behaviors such as hard braking, excessive acceleration and hard cornering. Once you find out any of these behaviors, take time to talk to the drivers to change their habits or find new drivers altogether.

Once you identify high-risk drivers, you can reduce the number of potential accidents and liabilities for your fleet. Note that you can’t possibly gather this information without ELDs. Also, you should take advantage of this information to identify the best and worst drivers in your fleet.

The worst drivers can go through training while the best drivers can be rewarded and acknowledged. Note that you are likely to increase driver retention rates since they are highly motivated.

Reducing Liabilities

Accidents occur because most drivers on the road are not cautious. As a result, most companies often deal with lawsuits frequently. If you have an ELD and your commercial truck has been involved in an accident where you are not at fault, the device will provide substantial evidence. It will be the difference between paying a heavy penalty or winning the lawsuit entirely.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Insurers calculate lower premiums for any fleets with ELDs. That’s because these devices have been proven to increase fleet safety. You can count on the best rates for your insurance cover if you have ELDs in your fleet vehicles.

On the other hand, it’s less likely for any vehicle with a logging device to be stolen or hijacked. That’s another reason why insurance companies are ready to reduce the rates if you have ELDs on your fleet. Take advantage of this to save more money with the insurance premiums.

How To Find The Best ELDs For Your Fleet?

Now that you understand the importance of having ELDs, you need to find the best ones. Of course, there are numerous brands in the market you can choose from but you should always consider your fleet management needs before settling on any device. Make sure you can accommodate every vehicle and get the best information from the ELD to enjoy the benefits mentioned above and many more.